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It’s The B.R.O.N.X, You Know What’s Next…
It’s A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music.

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Jul 28, 2016

A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music is celebrating the legacy of the pioneer of  the Quiet Storm music programming in NYC and the world, DJ Mr. Vaughn Harper.

Here are the songs in this broadcast.

Quiet Storm - Smokey Robinson - R&B - 1975
I Wanna Be Loved - Dinah Washington - R&B/Pop - 1962
Daddy's Home - Shep...

Jul 15, 2016

Here are the songs in this broadcast. 

On The Street In Watts - The Black Voices
Cloud Nine - The Temptations - R&B - 1968
U.N.I.T.Y. - Queen Latifah - Hip Hop - 1994
Dear Mr. Man - Spoken Word/R&B - Prince & Professor Cornel West
Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey - Sly and The Family Stone - Funk/R&B - 1969
Fight The Power...