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 It’s The B.R.O.N.X, You Know What’s Next… It’s A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music. Follow me @abowlofsoul on Twitter and A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music on Facebook. Tell us what you think about the show by clicking on the logo below. Thanks for your love and support!!!

Nov 3, 2017

Here are the songs in this broadcast.

Something To Remember - Chante Moore - R&B - 2017
Wish You Were Mine - Gregory Jones - Southern Soul/R&B - 2017
#PWER - Samira Gibson - R&B - 2017
Already Love - George Tandy Jr. - R&B -2017
Never - Alii Michelle - R&B - 2017
If You're Ever Mine - Edward Blake - R&B - 2017